Recharged By The Son Stories

Recharged By The Son Stories

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Jaryd Guericke

Jaryd Guericke

Fall 2020 - Mitchell, SD

I remember the month I started guiding for Tom and Nova at Platte Creek Lodge. It was a hot September day. Wind was blowing (imagine that). The lodge was busy with excited anglers, both guides and clients alike. All with one goal in mind, catching a bunch of fish. The anticipation was so clearly transparent in the building. Excited faces every direction you looked. It was immediately apprent to me, this was a truly first class run organization. I remember being so nervous driving to the lodge, gearing up my mind for the days task. I wanted to show Tom that I had what it took to be a guide in this business. When I arrived at the lodge for my first guide trip, I was promptly greeted by Tom in the drive way with a "Hey Brotha!!" and along with it, a big hug. That certainly threw me for a loop initially. I've never been to a more welcoming atmosphere. That took a little getting used to, but not in a bad way. Truly the best way possible. I was home. The second my feet hit the gravel in front of the lodge. I fealt like I. Was. Home. I was in a familiar situation as alot of Americans in the fall of 2020. Covid was the birds word and the damage that ensued brought alot do uncertainty. My job was having furloughs, or momentary controlled layoffs. Tom had been asking for me to come guide for him for years, this just so happened to be a blessing in disguise. That fall was full of so many amazing memories. Alot like every trip I've ever participated in. Alot of laughs, high fives, friendships and fellowships. I remember looking out over the water one evening thinking to myself how great all of these moments have been. How truly blessed I am to be doing what I'm doing. I am living my dream, a living breathing dream right here, right in my fingertips. Blessed doesn't do justice to how I feel everytime I'm able to take those who do not experience this beautiful life style found along the shores of Lake Francis Case. This was always an opportunity, obviously without the help of Tom And Nova I might still be on the outside looking in. In fact I about gave up on my dreams shortly before being given the opportunity to guide. I can't thank the Steinhauser family enough for diving in and saving my dreams from drowning that year. This is my passion, this is my life. I am forever thankful for the opportunities that have been presented to me by the good lord. This organization isn't just another business. These people will have you thinking you are family by the time you check out. Never have a witnessed such a warm and pleasant place to be apart in my life. All my experiences I have caught guiding are nothing short of spectacular, but have nothing to do with catching more walleyes. Dealing with Recharged By The Son taught me many great things in my short time with them. I learned to be grateful for today's blessings, not tomorrow endeavor. I learned that there is still hope for humanity. I learned that no matter that condition of life, that there is still opportunity to restregthen your faith. I learned that God has a funny way of aligning you with others. I feel like I was aligned with this organization and that no matter what the future holds. I'll always cherish these moments and what they have provided spurtually. Thanks for reading my testimony, God bless.

Joy Cox

Joy Cox

U.S. Air force Master Sgt. Calvin D. Cox (ret)

50 years of service to his country through U.S. Army, Army Air Corps, U.S. Air Force and Civil Service positions. Vetran from WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

My Dad was my hero. Dedicated to Family and Country. Busy providing for what was needed, his dreams were always on the back burner. By the time I began helping him out he already has loss of mobility. We did not let that stop us however.

I began a search for people who could facilitate someone who still wanted to do things like hunt and fish not just from the shore, on a boat like a young man would.

That is when we found Tom and Nova Steinhauser and Platte Creek Lodge. Just when I thought maybe it didn't exist. Oh sure they made promises just like other however this was different.

From the very first trip Dad came back somehow renewed happier and full of energy. And the stories he shared with everyone you would have thought Tom and Nova were old friends.

Year after year he returned and got his fountain of youth fix.  To say Tom, Nova and crew lived up to their promises is an understatement. They treated this Man with the dignity and resepect he deserved. And for that I am eternally grateful.

All the way to his final trip June 2018, which was planned in advance as always. By this time, he was at Ft. Meade V.A. facility. The doctors there were kind enough to let me pick him up for his trip. My Brother and Cousin made the trip with him. Walker, wheelchair and oxygen concentrator in tow, I was concerned it just would not be the same for him.

However, Tom and Nova went above and beyond and somehow made him feel as though all was normal and that none of his mobility issues were even noticeable. Once again he returned with stories and smiles. And believe me he told those stories to every doctor, nurse, visitor and me most every day.

I can tell you if I had it to do all over again, Platte Creek Lodge is the only place I would take My Dad.


Andy Hoff

Andy Hoff

March 2022 - Clarkfield Minnesota

Approximately one year ago, my older brother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was given 2 to 6 months to live, being a huge outdoorsman another older brother of mine, and myself invited my brother Michael, who was dying slowly to go fishing in South Dakota. I went online and found, Platte Creek Lodge, a nonprofit organization, who was more than willing to accommodate my two brothers and myself on a fishing journey. Brother Michael was a little skeptical at first to drive out to South Dakota to go fishing for walleye in March, but not knowing how much time he had left to live and still feeling well enough to make the journey, we jumped in the vehicle and headed west, only to be greeted with open arms, gigantic smiles, and very warm hearts by the proprietors Tom and Nova, it was like we were on a mission from God. The trip went smooth. The fishing was phenomenal. The hospitality was over the top, I mean the best. It was truly an uplifting experience. The impression Platte Creek Lodge left on my two brothers and myself will last a lifetime. Michael talked, and told stories about the fishing trip right up until he took his last breath, and went to the heavenly arms of the Lord. this is the first testimonial I’ve ever posted before, but I felt driven to inform anybody who would like to make a journey with the finest accommodations to contact Platte Creek Lodge, South Dakota. you will not be disappointed thank you and God bless you.

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